Short Essay on Pollution For Class 5

Pollution is a rising problem in our society. It is bringing great danger to humanity. Long ago there was not as much pollution. But with the advancement of technology, pollution is increasing. Scientists are concerned about pollution. If we don’t prevent pollution, our next generation will suffer.

We are providing students of class 5 with two essay samples on the topic ‘Pollution’ in English for reference.

Short Essay on Pollution of 100 Words

There are many types of pollution. All these pollutions affect our daily life. Moreover, it directly affects the quality of life we are living. People who live in the city are more affected by air pollution. Pollutants like carbon-die-oxide and carbon-monoxide pollute the air.

People who live in the villages do not suffer from air pollution. Water pollution is a problem for them. Pollutants like herbicides, domestic wastes, insecticides make the water polluted there. Water pollution lowers the quality of agriculture.

Pollution affects our health very much. Inhaling polluted air for a long time can cause lung diseases. There are other pollutions like noise pollution, plastic pollution, solid waste pollution.

Long Essay on Pollution of 150 Words

Pollution is a word that is known by all at this moment. The increasing rate of pollution is making us worry. We all know pollution is a man-made phenomenon. Humans are responsible for all types of pollution.

Effects of air and water pollution are very much visible nowadays. Water pollution is making people suffer from various gut diseases. Lung cancer and bronchitis are two major diseases caused by air pollution.

Plastic pollution is interfering with our daily activity. Plastic is not biodegradable. So indirectly it is causing soil pollution. Plants and trees are the victims of regular soil pollution. Because of this, the roots of many trees are loosening. This is why floods are becoming so much frequent.

People need to be conscious to prevent all pollutions. The government should enforce strict rules to avoid all pollutions. We need to abide by those rules. This is how we can overcome the danger.

10 Lines On Pollution In English

  1. Pollution is bringing damage to our nature in many ways.
  2. Pollution causes various diseases around the world.
  3. Planting trees can help us control pollution.
  4. Our environment is greatly affected by pollution
  5. Pollution is a result of human greed.
  6. Noise pollution can damage our airs.
  7. Air pollution can be controlled by adding an advanced exhaust filter in the cars.
  8. Many industrial areas are contributing to air pollution.
  9. People should be educated about all kind of pollutions and their effects on our life.
  10. All water sources like rivers and ponds are getting affected by water pollution.

Frequently Asked Questions on Pollution Essay

Question: What is Pollution?

Answer: when a harmful and unknown substance gets mixed with a pure source, the result is known as pollution. In the 20th century, pollution is affecting our lives more than ever. Pollution is rising every day.

Question: What are the ways to prevent pollution?

Answer: There are a few ways to prevent pollution. At first, we need to understand the importance of trees. Trees can prevent soil pollution directly. It increases the oxygen in the air. So we need to plant more trees.

Question: What is the most dangerous pollution?

Answer: Air pollution is the most harmful among all pollution. It directly harms human health. Many people die from lung problems every year. Living in air polluted areas increases the chance of these problems.

Question: Name some of the most polluted cities in India.

Answer: Cities like Patna, Ghaziabad, Delhi, Noida, Lucknow is very much polluted. The capital of India, New Delhi, is known for its extreme air pollution. Also, Varanasi is known for its water pollution.

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