Importance of Computer Essay for Class 6

Nowadays, technology has been an important part of life. It helps people make work easier and makes life better to live.

The computer is one of them. A computer is an electronic device. It can perform many tasks like messaging, calculations, writing, storing data, printing, etc.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 6 on the topic Importance of Computer for reference.

Short Essay on Importance of Computer of 100 Words

Technology has changed every aspect of our daily life. A computer is one of them which made our life better.When the computer was invented first; it was not as simple as it is now. It was too big and difficult.

Computer is currently the best option for communication. I have a laptop in my house. My father uses this for his work. He taught me how to make documents and drawings there. It was fun.

The computer gives very accurate answers to everything, including math and science.

I think a computer is essential in life because it can do anything. We shouldn’t overuse computer. It can affect our health. Also, we shouldn’t waste time misusing computer and surfing videos.

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Long Essay on Importance of Computer of 150 Words

The computer is now a very popular electronic device. One can use a computer to write documents, send an email, play games, make designs and presentations, browse the Web and many more. We use computer in various places: schools, colleges and offices. I have a computer in my house.

In school, teachers taught me how to paint on a computer and said that it could help design in future. I am now learning how to write documents on computer. But I love to play games on computer. My favourite game is chess because the computer wins most of the time and this encourages me to play more.

There is another thing I love in computer is video call. I can call my friends when they are far. Once I called my cousin, who is living in the United States. It was fun.

We can learn many new things through the computer and internet and can also do our work efficiently and quickly on computer.

10 Lines on Importance of Computer In English

  • Computer is a device for storing and processing data.
  • Computer takes data as input, processes data using programs and gives information as output.
  • In the 18th-century computer was invented by Charles Babbage.
  • We can explore many new things through the internet.
  • Computer stores a lot of data. Even various offices use computer hard drive as a data store.
  • Computer is now used everywhere: Schools, colleges, hospitals etc.
  • Communication is now very easier for computer. We can directly connect people from the point of Earth to another.
  • Computer can answer everything very accurately, including math and science.
  • Computer helps to improve student learning and basic skills.
  • Now we can transfer money from a bank to another through a computer.

Frequently Asked Questions on Importance of Computer

Question: What are the five essential parts of Computer?

Answer: The essential parts of a computer are Central Processing Unit, Power Supply, Mouse, Keyboard, and Monitor.

Question: What is the full form of VGA?

Answer: The full form of VGA is a Video Graphics Array. It is a standard connector used for computer video output.

Question: What can a computer be used for?

Answer: Computer is an electronic device that takes data as input. It can store, retrieve, and process data. We can use a computer to type documents, send an email, play games, make designs and presentations, browse the Web and many more.

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