My Brother Essay in English for Class 3

People say that having a good sibling bond is bliss. And having a brother is always an amazing gift. A brother can be the closest companion. A brother can be someone’s strength or role model. He protects, takes care of his sibling. Brother is someone with whom we share room and dreams.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 3 on the topic, My Brother, for reference.

Short Essay on My Brother of 100 Words

I have a younger brother. His name is Raj. He is a brilliant student, and he has a great interest in science. Last year, in school, he participated in a science quiz and got first prize. We share every detail of our lives. He shares chocolate, toys with me. We play hide and seek together in a park near our house every day.

Being the youngest member of my family, he is the apple of everyone’s eyes. His cute and funny attitudes always make us smile. Raj is very polite by nature. I love him a lot and want to see him happy ever.

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Long Essay on My Brother of 150 Words

I can remember when my brother was born. I was just six years old. I held him, and he was sleeping peacefully like a small puppy. At that moment, I promised I will always take care of him. My brother’s name is Raj. He is a brilliant student. He has a great interest in science and sports.

My brother is a cheerful, jolly and beloved child. After coming from school, we play hide and seek in the park every day. Moments are always funny with him. He shares every secret with me. Raj is the youngest member of my family. He is the apple of everyone’s eyes.

Sometimes he can be annoying and irritating, but I love every bit of him. Having a younger brother is an amazing gift. Being an elder sister, I always try to teach him good lessons. I want to be with him forever. I love my brother. I wish he gets all the happiness he deserves.

10 Lines on My Brother in English

  • It is said that having a brother by your side, is bliss.
  • Elder brother got his sister’s or brother’s back.
  • A brother can be the best companion of life.
  • A brother can be the role model of his sibling.
  • Brother is that person who shares everything, from childhood dreams to dark secrets.
  • A brother is an important person of life.
  • My brother teaches me many kinds of lessons.
  • It is said that the sibling bond is the most precious.
  • I wish he gets all the happiness he deserves and achieves his dreams.
  • He is a very cheerful person, and I love him a lot.

Frequently Asked Questions on My Brother

Question: Can my elder brother be a role model?

Answer – If you want to be like him or you love the qualities of him, he can be. Many people think their elder siblings as a role model.

Question: What should a brother essay consist?

Answer – A brother essay should consist of pleasant emotions and memories with brother. If someone doesn’t have any brother or sibling, then it should consist of how they imagined their brother or sibling to be like.

Question: Is having a brother a good thing?

Answer – Those answers depends on person and situations. Having a brother means having a life companion. So definitely having a sibling most of the time is bliss.

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