My Grandmother Essay for Class 1

Children enjoy conveying their emotions about their role model, who inspires, loves, and encourages them to achieve their goals. Grandmothers are such figures in our life who love us and always support us in everything we do.

They are everyone’s beloved. Thus, here’s a My Grandmother essay for Class 1 to help them express their emotions about their role model in simple words.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 1 on the topic ‘My Grandmother’ for reference.

Essay 1: Short Essay on My Grandmother Of 100 Words

My lovely grandmother’s name is Taru Das. She is eighty-five years old. She is very nice to me. My grandma also has a very bright and strong personality. She always dresses up in simple cotton sarees.

She is a believer in simple living. She wakes up at dawn, around five o’clock. She cooks delicious for us. She is a very smart woman who likes to read. She reads religious texts and also fiction. My grandma also knits and once made me a sweater. I love my grandma a lot, and I always pray for her good health to the Almighty.

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Essay 2: Long Essay on My Grandmother Of 150 Words

My grandmother’s name is Taru Das. She is about eighty-five years and likes to live a simple life. She prefers to wear her simple cotton sarees in her house and also outside. Her hair has turned white and silver due to age.

My grandma is a very loving and affectionate person. She always supports me and has protected me from many scoldings from my parents.

She wakes up around five o’clock in the morning to do her housework. She also prepares delicious meals with my mother for all of us.

My grandma’s hobbies are knitting and reading books. Though she has poor eyesight, she still reads a book every day. My grandma also likes folk and classical music and also likes watching cricket matches.

She is a very active woman with a strong personality. My grandma was a teacher when she was young. I hope to become a strong and smart woman like her in the future.

10 Lines On My Grandmother in English

  1. My grandmother’s name is Taru Das.
  2. She is an eighty-five-year-old elderly lady.
  3. She has silver hair, wears glasses, and simple printed cotton sarees.
  4. She is a very nice and kind woman with a strong and bright personality.
  5. My grandma wakes up very early in the morning to do her chores.
  6. She likes reading books, such as religious texts and also fiction.
  7. She is an important member of our family, and my parents take advice from her for all important decisions.
  8. She loves knitting and made beautiful handmade sweaters for all of us.
  9. During bedtime, she tells me epic bedtime stories and fairy tales to me.
  10. My grandmother is a noblewoman, and I love and appreciate her.

Frequently Asked Questions on My Grandmother

Question: What can you do for your grandmother to make her happy?

Answer – You should help your grandma in her work and advice her not to do stressful and physically hard jobs. You should often visit your grandma if she stays away from your house. Listen to her and always respect her.

Question: What are some commonly used known nicknames for grandmothers?

Answer – Grandmothers are gifted with various nicknames. Some of the commonly known ones are- granny, grandma, grandmom, nani, dadi, etc.

Question: What to gift your grandma on her birthday?

Answer – You can gift your grandma a handmade card for her birthday. Your gesture will touch her.

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