My Pet Essay for Class 3

Pet animals are one of those creatures in the world that makes your life easier and more joyous. You can keep any animal like a cat, dog, rabbit, etc. as your pet. The bonding between pets and human beings gradually becomes stronger.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 3 on the topic ‘My Pet’ for reference.

Short Essay on My Pet of 100 Words

I have my pet cat in our house. His name is Brownie. He looks so beautiful with the light saffron tint on his white coloured body. He is just five years old, but he seems so big. I found him walking around our house and then I thought to keep him as my pet. He is very sweet and gentle.

My parents love him too. He eats fish and drinks milk; thus, he is so healthy. Whenever I look sad, he comes to me and sits on my lap, and that helps me to forget all the sadness. Brownie is a blessing in my life.

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Long Essay on My Pet of 150 Words

Pet animals are the only four-legged animals which gradually become our friends. We don’t understand their language, but bonding is no less than human beings. I own a cat in our house and his name is Brownie.

Brownie is a very sweet, soft and gentle cat. 5 years ago, I met him in front of our house. Then I told my parents about him, and they let me keep him as my pet. My mother feeds him fish mixed with rice, sometimes chicken and milk. Whenever my parents scold me, I become sad and then Brownie comes and sits on my lap.

Brownie is like a best friend to me. He plays with me with a paper ball. He is jolly and loves to spend time playing around. The way he meows melts my heart. He sleeps with me at night. I feel so blessed to have him in my life.

10 Lines on My Pet In English

  1. Pet animals play very important roles in our lives to keep us joyous and happy.
  2. I have a pet cat whose name is Brownie, and it is a male cat.
  3. Brownie is of Indian breed and is very healthy.
  4. He has pure soft fur, and he has light saffron and white colour on his body.
  5. He is carnivorous, i.e., he eats flesh and sometimes he eats chicken too to stay healthy.
  6. Human beings have been keeping the cats domesticated for more than 5000 years.
  7. The average life span of a cat is from 10 to 15 years, though Brownie’s age is just five years.
  8. Cats don’t need formal training to domesticate them, and they are very gentle and timid.
  9. Cats of foreign breeds need regular grooming as some of those breeds have long hair.
  10. Having a pet animal in our lives is a blessing, and we must take care of them.

Frequently Asked Questions on My PET

Question: Is it very important to bring my pet cat or dog for a yearly comprehensive examination?

Answer: Pet cats or dogs can have various health issues that may not be visible to their owners. So, it is suggested by the pet doctors to bring them to the pet clinic at least once in a year for a health check-up. Veterinarians will examine the pets’ ears, eyes, noses and other things concerned.

Question: Where does a person need to take his/her pet in case of an emergency?

Answer: There are several vets around us in our localities. If there is an emergency during office hours, you can call any veterinarian to ask for help. They will come to your house to check-up your pet, or otherwise, you can bring them to any nearest pet clinic.

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