My Teacher Essay for Class 1

Teaching is a noble profession, and a teacher shows light to our future. Teachers mould the individual to become successful achievers and help the students to learn new things. Being a teacher, one has to keep in mind always to support and encourage their students, motivate them and teach the right things.

We are providing two essay samples for students of class 1 on the topic ‘My Teacher’ for reference.

Essay 1: Short Essay on My Teacher Of 100 Words

In my school days, my favourite teacher was my English teacher, who was my class teacher too. She is a very good teacher and explains things to her students in the simplest way.

Her presentation skills are very good, and students listen to her very patiently. She tells stories and makes topics more interesting by involving the students in group activities.

I was very fond of my teacher though she is strict. She is very kind-hearted and gives chocolates and candies to her students on special occasions. She appreciates the gifts given by the students and loves them very much.

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Essay 2: Long Essay on My Teacher Of 150 Words

A teacher must always motivate and inspire her students. My English teacher was my favourite because she has taught us the right things in life in the correct ways. She has always appreciated our efforts in learning.

She is a very kind person but a strict one too. She has taught us the basic principles for which I’m grateful to her. In our first period, we used to have her class, and she greets her students with a warm good morning.

Her presence in the class is a joyful experience. Her lovely yet caring personality comfort her students. My teacher has taught me to be punctual and disciplined. She has influenced me to help the poor and be kind to others.

She comes to school every day. She guides her students during any school function and praises them genuinely. My teacher has played various roles, apart from being a mentor.

10 Lines On My Teacher In English

  1. My teacher has been my guiding light in school and has influenced me in several ways.
  2. She is very strict yet loving and helpful to her students.
  3. She cares for her students and is very kind.
  4. She has an optimistic and cheerful personality and is patient with her students.
  5. She is very punctual and comes to school every day.
  6. She teaches her students to be disciplined and kind to others.
  7. She helps her students to learn things in interesting ways by telling stories and making them participate inclass activities.
  8. She can communicate with her students easily and comforts her students.
  9. A teacher is a second parent as she/he teaches morals, basic values and helps in the overall development of students.
  10. Teachers take immense pride and satisfaction for a student’s achievements, and they are genuinely happy when a student succeeds.

Frequently Asked Questions on My Teacher

Question: What is the role of a teacher in a student’s life?

Answer: A teacher’s role is very important in a student’s life as he/she teaches the basic principles, disciplines and moral values and guides a student in studies and other things and motivates them in everyday life.

Question: What are the qualities of a good teacher?

Answer: As a teacher, it is important to be patient, disciplined, friendly and kind to the students. A good teacher must have good communicational and organising skill.

Question: Why are teachers considered as second parents?

Answer: Teachers are the second parents as the student spends quality time with them after their parents, and they teach us important things in life, morals, values, beliefs and guide us.

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